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Mitsubishi Extended Warranty
Mitsubishi Extended Warranty This page will help guide you through your search for a Mitsubishi Warranty.
Mitsubishi Extended Warranty Information
Mitsubishi has provided it's vehicles with many types of warranty plans over the past several years. These plans protect different parts of cars for different periods of time, and often changes occur when a car is passed from an original owner to a subsequent owner. If you are unsure as to exactly what level of coverage your Mitsubishi has, or what level of coverage you think you are receiving in a vehicle, please check the proper owner's manual or call your local dealer. Even with Mitsubishi's wide range of warranty protection, you still have the option of purchasing a Diamond Care Protection Plan, ensuring protection even up to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

Mitsubishi Extended Warranties - Independent Companies
Even if your Mitsubishi comes with an extended power train plan, you may want the peace of mind know that you have full mechanical breakdown coverage. This can be provided to you in a wrap plan, and many third party warranty providers have great options for you. In addition to wrap plans, there are also extended warranty plans available even if you're outside your regular Mitsubishi warranty. For details regarding your different opportunities, please check out one of our selected providers.
Mitsubishi Factory Warranty
Basic Warranty Powertrain Warranty Corrosion Warranty Roadside Assistance
Years / Miles Years / Miles Years / Miles Years / Miles
5 / 60,000 10 / 100,000 7 / 100,000 5 / Unlimited

Every 2003 Mitsubishi comes with a 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, and a 7-year/100,000-mile Anti-Corrosion/Perforation Limited Warranty

Extended service coverage is available for up to seven years or 100,000 miles after your purchase.

* See your Mitsubishi Motors Retailer for all Limited Warranty details.



Should your Mitsubishi become inoperable due to a warrantable failure in the first three years or 36,000 miles, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) will authorize your vehicle to be towed to the nearest Authorized Retailer or Service Center at no charge. ** Towing beyond the three-year or 36,000-mile limit for Diamond Care Road Service is covered and reimbursable if the problem that caused the need for the tow is still covered under warranty.

** Towing will not be covered if your vehicle is driveable and driving would not pose a safety problem or cause further damage to your vehicle; or vehicle is inoperable as a result of an accident, owner abuse, lack of maintenance, or driver error. Diamond Care Road Service towing coverage applies only to vehicles within the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.


Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the first three years or 36,000 miles. We'll do everything to get you back on the road and take care of you if you're stranded. We will assist you in making arrangements such as rental car and hotel reservations. We will also call your home or office to advise family members or colleagues of your inconvenience.

The service schedule below has all the care recommendations for your Mitsubishi vehicle, from oil changes all the way up to major tune-ups. Properly followed, regular maintenance intervals will help ensure your vehicle's performance, fuel economy and reliability, plus it's a great way to protect your investment.

Which Schedule Should You Follow?

Select the schedule for Severe Maintenance if most of your driving is done under one or more of the following conditions:

  • 50% of driving is done in heavy city traffic during hot weather.
  • Extensive idling and/or low speed operations (stop-and-go traffic).
  • Extended use of brakes while driving (stop-and-go traffic).
  • Repeated short trips with engine not fully warmed up, especially in freezing temperatures.
  • Dusty, rough, muddy, sandy, or salt-spread roads.
  • Vehicle is used for towing.